Bible Conversation Cafe in Falkirk

From Monday 7th November, at 7pm, Stirling Christadelphians are starting a seven week series of Bible Conversation Cafes at Falkirk Stadium.

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Look out for leaflets being distributed in the Falkirk area

It is often claimed that the Bible is ‘just another book’ no different to any other religious text and ‘irrelevant’ in today’s world. However, few people have taken the opportunity to read the whole Bible objectively with an open mind.

Our offer to you…

Whichever perspective you might come from, faith or no faith, the Bible Conversation Café in Falkirk will give you the opportunity to read the Bible in manageable chunks in a relaxed sociable environment.  No one will try to convert you or pressure you, this is simply about reading the Bible and seeing what it has to say for itself.

Download our Bible Conversation Café leaflet here and register for the event securely and for FREE through Eventbright by clicking on the button below:

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You can read more about Christadelphian activities in the Stirling area here.

Getting started with the Bible

Have you opened the Bible and not known where to begin? Check out our Bible basics – a series of Bible truths that are the foundation of what this great book teaches us.

Also look out for our regular podcasts on how the Bible relates to things happening in the world today.

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