Getting started with the Bible

Have you opened the Bible and not known where to begin? Check out our Bible basics – a series of Bible truths that are the foundation of what this great book teaches us.

Also look out for our regular podcasts on how the Bible relates to things happening in the world today.

Recent Articles

  • ALS Calendar photoMake Room in 2017 (part 1)
    I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but, for me, as I get older, time seems to go by more quickly. I must not be alone as there are several scientific theories as to why that’s the case. Until one of them enables us to slow down time I’m not sure …
  • The Birth of Jesus
    Recently I was wandering around one of those Christmas markets that have become trendy in recent years and was not in the mood for buying any presents.  All I could really feel was extreme cold and a sense of irritation at terrible songs being …
  • Follow the star
    In the very first page of the Bible, all we are told about the stars is that God made the stars also (Gen 1.16), as the King James version puts it. Quite possibly the biggest understatement of all time! To the naked eye on a clear night, away from …
  • Making Preparations
    For the first time in my life, I’m one of the smug people who, at the beginning of December, has (almost) DONE the Christmas shopping!   I have never been this prepared for Christmas before ever.  I might even start wrapping things soon (not …
  • Light
    Despite the ever increasing light that we produce the long winter night darkness still seems to envelop us. Especially if it is dark as we travel to work and on the way home. Perhaps through its absence we become more aware of our need for the light …

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january, 2017

22jan1:30 pmGentiles in the life of David King of Israel1:30 pm Glasgow Kelvin

22jan2:00 pmWhich God to Worship2:00 pm Glasgow Central

22jan2:00 pmEzekiel ch1-32:00 pm Glasgow South

22jan2:15 pmThe Bible, Israel and You...2:15 pm Dundee

29jan1:30 pmThe Sabbath Rest1:30 pm Glasgow Kelvin

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