Getting started with the Bible

Have you opened the Bible and not known where to begin? Check out our Bible basics – a series of Bible truths that are the foundation of what this great book teaches us.

Also look out for our regular podcasts on how the Bible relates to things happening in the world today.

Recent Articles

  • Word of the Year 2018 – Misinformation
    Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones. Proverbs 16:24 NKJV Words are important aren’t they. Words are part of how we express ourselves and of how we’re understood. So what happens when we can’t trust …
  • Life’s Big Questions: What is the meaning of life?
    The Question Think of the world’s greatest philosophers and you might have the same mental picture as I do – an old guy with a long grey beard sitting on a boulder in a wood with a quill and some parchment, pondering the Meaning of Life.  It’s a …
  • jerusalem posterJerusalem – City of Peace
    Many might see a deep irony in that the city that bears the name “City of Peace” (it is commonly accepted that Jerusalem means “city” or “abode” of peace) is in fact anything but that.  Whilst there might not be open warfare at this moment in time, …
  • The Race for your Life (part 3) – The Prize
    Why Race? Professional athletes train and compete with one clear goal in mind – to achieve first prize. Just as Olympians compete for the prize of a gold medal, so too followers of Christ are striving for a prize. This prize is not made of …
  • The Race for your Life (part 2) – Preparation
    Becoming an athlete is something that many young children will dream of; often aspiring to be as successful as their role-models. Becoming a successful athlete, however, doesn’t come easily, and so those who pursue a career in this field must …

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january, 2019

20jan1:30 pmWhat the Kingdom of God is like1:30 pm Glasgow Kelvin

20jan2:00 pmChristianity a remarkable story2:00 pm Glasgow Central

20jan2:00 pmBible reading group2:00 pm Glasgow South

20jan2:15 pmThe Christian and the Environment2:15 pm Dundee

27jan1:30 pmThe Devil you know1:30 pm Glasgow Kelvin

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