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Have you opened the Bible and not known where to begin? Check out our Bible basics – a series of Bible truths that are the foundation of what this great book teaches us.

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Recent Articles

  • Who can I trust?
    I remember a friend, whose marriage had broken up, saying that although they could forgive their ex, they could no longer trust them.  It got me thinking about trust and how it depends on truth. We learn to trust those who tell us the truth.
  • Why I Like the Book of Jonah
    How often are you given a task you really don’t want to do? How do you deal with it? Wrong Way! Jonah dealt with it in a way I can understand. He was supposed to be going to the huge city of Nineveh (in modern Iraq) to deliver a message from God.
  • Promises you can rely on
    Don’t want to read it? Try listening instead! In a changing world, are there any reliable promises? God made promises 4,000 years ago.  He promised a man, Abram, that his descendants would become a great nation.  That nation would have an
  • The key to financial security?
    The Coronavirus pandemic has caused many people across the globe to worry about their financial future. Everyday worries – how do we pay for the essentials in life such as food, clothes and rent? And it’s not the first time the future has
  • New and Improved?
    ‘New and Improved’ – how often have you seen that claim on products, only to struggle to tell the difference with the ‘old’?! We live in a world where we’re bombarded with ‘new stuff we need to have’ every day. We’re told that if we don’t have the

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