Glasgow Kelvin Christadelphians

Glasgow Kelvin Christadelphians provide a friendly, family atmosphere at our meetings and on Sunday between our Breaking of Bread service and afternoon talks we have lunch together where there is plenty of time to chat and discuss God’s word. We believe Jesus will return soon to set up Gods Kingdom here on Earth. So please come along and find out about this exciting time.

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Our Meetings

Glasgow Kelvin Christadelphians meet every Sunday in the Chryston Cultural Centre which is next door to Chryston High School.  The picture above shows a few of our members enjoying an afternoon working together around God’s word.  At 11:00am we hold our Breaking of Bread service and after enjoying a lunch together there are classes at 1.30pm for our young people and a Bible Class for the adults.

Our Meeting Times

  • Memorial Service: Sunday, 11:00am
  • Sunday School: Sunday, 1:30pm
  • Adult Bible Class: Sunday, 1:30pm
  • Bible Class: Wednesday, 7:45pm (held in our own homes – please contact us for details)
  • Youth Group: Friday, 7:30pm

Events Calendar

may, 2022

All our arrangements are subject to the Will of God

Find Us

Glasgow Kelvin Christadelphians meet at Chryston Cultural Centre, Chryston High School, Muirhead, Glasgow, G69 9DL


Glasgow Kelvin Christadelphians Learn to Read the Bible Effectively

If you would like to learn more about Gods plan and what the Bible says about Jesus coming back to Earth soon; then sign up for our free Bible reading course. It is easy to find out more about our Learning to Read the Bible Effectively course by clicking this link which will take you to the Search for Hope Distance Learning page.

Contact Us

You can email Glasgow Kelvin Christadelphians at

Registered Scottish Charity Number SC029874