I Hope…

How many times a day do you use the word “hope“? We probably don’t even notice ourselves saying it: “I hope you soon feel better”, “I hope you have a happy birthday”…

We have no control over many of the things that happen in our lives, but hope for the future helps us through difficult times. God has made some amazing promises. Psalm 146 says,

Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God

Psalm 146v5

There is a lot of false hope in the world. Here is something that will not let us down.

Meal a Day

This summer we are supporting a very special cause, the Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund. Its mission is, as a practical witness to our faith, to share the blessings we receive from God to help those who are in real need in the less developed parts of the world.

The fund supports sustainable ‘down to earth’ projects that focus on supporting vulnerable children, the provision of clean water, agricultural skills, basic health care and education and a meal a day.

Our hope is that by touching the lives of our ‘neighbours’ in need we might by our actions help to also teach them something of the love of Jesus and the hope of everlasting life to be found by faith in him.

Visit our SearchForHope shop at 39 Gray Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 2BJ, between 28th July and 4th August (except Sunday). Open 10am-5pm

Hope Stones

While you’re in the area, keep an eye out for our special ‘Hope’ stones. We’ll be hiding these treasures along the front in between the castle and yacht club for those eagle eyed among you. Once you find them, pop in to the shop to collect your prize! #SFHscot

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