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Celebrity Status

There’s always a lot of press coverage regarding royals. We’ve had two weddings, a pregnancy announcement, a royal tour and a car accident! Royals are often seen as celebrities and are treated as such. Crowds flock to see them, often camping overnight to get the best vantage point. Memories of ‘that time I saw the Queen’ are passed from generation to generation.

I’m quite a fan of the royal family and enjoy watching the pageantry of their weddings and getting excited when there is royal birth looming. I can imagine that if I were to meet a royal I would feel quite intimidated and be very respectful and polite. After all, royals have a direct line to the ruler of the country. In days gone by, upsetting a royal or their associates could mean losing your head!

I wonder how I would be if I met Jesus? The man who is the Son of God – my creator and the sustainer of all life.

Jesus, who for the last however many years has sat at the right hand of my God and creator.

Jesus, who bled and died for me on the cross.

Jesus, who lived a life of no sin and denied self in order to put God’s will first.

Jesus, who was born to save the world.

I wonder how I would respond if I found myself face to face with the King of the World?


What if I was struck dumb at the sight of my king? After all, the earth has been awaiting his return for thousands of years. My Grandpa lived his life certain that the return of Christ was imminent, and yet he died without seeing him.

We can get excited watching the news and seeing things happen that we think precede Christ’s return – the establishment of the the state of Israel was a HUGE event in our community. And yet, we still do not have our saviour on earth with us. So I can imagine that the sight of all our hopes and dreams fulfilled would cause some to lose their power of speech.

We could look to the example of John the baptist’s dad, Zechariah. He was visited by an angel to foretell the birth of John. Due to Zechariah’s unbelief, he was struck dumb (Luke 1 v18-20). All through his wife pregnancy he was unable to speak a word, he would have no doubt prayed and hoped for this son to come to pass.

Yet, when it did come to pass, the opposite was true. He was given his voice BACK to proclaim God’s praises (Luke 1 v64). In fact, there are multiple examples in scripture of those who were previously unable to speak whose tongues were loosed to praise God. Seeing Christ return will be an awesome event and I think our joy will overcome any surprise/shock/wonder.


Maybe I would dance for joy that my saviour had returned? If we look to the Bible, the Old Testament gives us an example of someone so overcome with joy that they had to move their body.

Then David and all the house of Israel played music before the Lord on all kinds of instruments, …. Then David danced before the Lord with all his might,…. King David leaping and whirling before the Lord

2 Samuel 6 v5, 14, 16

Those of us for whom music is important often use it to express ourselves. I always have music playing in my head, it provides the soundtrack to my life. I can imagine that my heart would burst with song when my saviour returns to earth. David’s wife was quite embarrassed at the show he put on for all to see, I can imagine being an embarrassment to those around me when Christ returns!

Crux of the matter

Maybe we would fall at the feet of Jesus in awe and wonder? What if we felt fear? There might be things in our lives we are ashamed of. Jesus sees the very heart of man (Matthew 22 v18, Luke 6 v8 to give a couple of examples) and I trust he knows that we as humans slip up from time to time. Maybe we would run to find family and loved ones to tell them of his great return!

For me, the most important part of Christ’s return will be that HE knows ME. I want Christ to recognise in me someone who has done their best to follow in his ways, show and spread the love of God for his people. God willing, this will afford me eternity to worship him.

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