Three Reasons Why the Bible Is Relevant Today

The Bible’s a very old book, there’s no doubt about it – so it’s not surprising that many people assume it’s outdated, and not relevant to the modern world. But while that’s a common view, we’d like to share three reasons why the Bible remains as in touch and as important as ever.

Human Nature Hasn’t Changed

It’s true that all our lives have been changed by technology. The smartphone has only been around for just over a decade but it’s already reshaped society. But underneath it all human nature hasn’t changed. We still have our frustrations and disappointments, our yearnings and desires for something better, and our weaknesses and failings.

The Bible has the most powerful account there is of the positives and negatives of human nature. It explains why we are the way we are – the problems like greed, exploitation and excess that are still part of society – and it tells us what we can do about it, how we can find relief and comfort in our shortcomings, and how we can grow and be better.

It gives us a yardstick by which we can make judgements and learn how we ought to live. Most of us have a sense that we’d like to be more than we currently are and the Bible shows us how. It provides wonderful guidance and direction for everyday life.

The Human Story

Second, the Bible provides a historical context for our lives. It explains the human story – the path that human history has followed right up to the current affairs of today. The background to the tensions in the Middle East, for instance is all explained, and the Bible describes how future events in Jerusalem will unfold and will ultimately broaden out to affect the whole world.

Our lives are part of a bigger story of God’s unfolding purpose which the Bible explains. We are part of a larger narrative that God is working out, and to understand something of that is a wonderful blessing.

Roadmap for the Future

That introduces the third point. The Bible gives a roadmap for the future. People often ask what the world is coming to and where society is headed. Well we don’t need to be uncertain about that. The Bible clearly and powerfully answers that question.

The world we see around us today is not the world that God is planning. He’s planning something far, far better in his kingdom which is to come. Life today is just a stepping stone towards that wonderful time.

There is a real and exciting hope for the future, but that future impacts the way we might want to live today. Now is the time to prepare, to live a life which is real and fulfilling and which calls forth from us the best that we can be.

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