Christians shouldn’t fear Science

It has been said that Christians and science are at war. Have you ever had or heard a discussion between a believer and a non-believer? If you have, the conversation would likely have gotten onto ‘Science vs The Bible’ fairly quickly.

It may be that having more understanding of the opposite opinion would help to relieve this tension. Perhaps some Christians are all too quick to build a wall of opposition to any scientific viewpoint? Perhaps those who hold to science alone are too quick to dismiss anything of biblical origin?

More in common

It was Stephen Hawking who said of the origins of the world,

“Anyone who chooses to believe in a Universal Creator is standing on ground as solid as a scientist who denies Creative Purpose as First Cause. Because of the laws these same scientists have discovered, there is absolutely no way to tell what made it happen. Whatever you choose is an act of pure faith.”

We have more in common than it would seem. As a Christian I see the beauty everyday in God’s creation. I marvel at what scientists tell me they have discovered billions of miles away in the universe or the hardiness of the tiniest micro beasts. I see the beauty and intricacies of God’s design everywhere.

When it comes to creation, I don’t mind whether a day meant a day or millions of years. I believe that God created it. I believe He could have created it in six days. I also can’t ignore the discoveries of geological time scales anymore than I can ignore the discovery of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in New Mexico.

Coming closer

The fact is that science is coming closer to what we, as Christians believe. 19th century scientists believed that the world was and will be eternal, now they believe that the Universe had a beginning, and that it has an end. Some may say that scientists take God out of everything but I don’t believe that it is malicious. They simply can’t use God as an observable fact.

As Christians we shouldn’t fight against discovery.  I don’t believe that if scientists find liquid water on Mars that they were looking for irrefutable evidence that God does not exist. It would be foolish to say categorically that they will not find it. If they did, what is the worst that will happen? After all it says in Psalm 111 v2

Great are the works of the LORD; They are studied by all who delight in them.

In all these things I still believe that God created the world and that He put us here. These things do not affect my belief that God had a Son and that he died for me.

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