Let me introduce you….

Why meet Him

How have you been introduced to God? Did you meet Him in the pages of the Bible? Did someone else tell you about Him? Or did you watch His impact on somebody else’s life and want to know more?

There’s a real difference between hearing about somebody and being introduced to them. Many people will have gone to Sunday School as youngsters. At Sunday School we learn about God, His son Jesus and the people and characters of the Bible. We learn the stories of what they did in their lives, how God impacted them. We read the words in the Bible, maybe we’re lucky enough to have a crafty teacher who gave us things to make and take home so they could hang about the house for a month or two before ending up in the bin. When I was a youngster we even had Sunday school homework. Usually learning a verse off by heart, as I got older the verses got longer until sometimes it felt I was learning a whole chapter!

But, all of this is useless until someone actually introduces us to our Heavenly Father. Until we see a life lived in the love of God, a life touched by the sacrifice He and His Son made for us.

The difference

I learnt about God through a family who put Him first. God was at every meal, every celebration, every sadness. Even in the everyday mundanities of life, before a long journey, we would pray for safe journeys, if someone was unwell, our mealtime prayers would include them, when big decisions were to be made, the discussion was always around which path left the most room for God.

“He who has seen me has seen the Father” John 14v9

Christ is the best person to introduce us to God.

You know when you meet someone and you know straight away who their parents are because of their mannerisms? This is what it would have been like to be in the presence of Christ. He was so like his Heavenly Father that he described them as ‘being one’ (John 10v30). Christ was so steeped in the word of God that it drove every action he carried out. His every thought was led by the desires of God. We now often spout the phrase ‘what would Jesus do?’, we do well to think like this, because Jesus only ever did what God wanted.

Who is He?

This is what a Christian should be for those searching out the truth, the meaning of life, the answer to ‘why are we here’. Christians should make you question what it is they have that makes them so peaceful, so happy. The world is a scary, upsetting place, a follower of Christ should be a voice of reason, a haven of peace in the uncertainty of today’s troubles.

If you know a Christian who isn’t that for you – ask them why, challenge them to introduce you to God.


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