God of all my days

When do you need God? In times of despair? Anger? Hope? Do you find yourself only turning to him in times of desperate need?

Biblical examples

There are plenty of examples in the Bible of people needing God at different points in their life.

Abraham needed God to show him the way in a time of great upheaval (Genesis 12v1-9). He didn’t know where he was going or necessarily why. He could have consulted with family or farmers as to where would be the best place to take his large family and many flocks. It may have been in his best interests to have mapped out a route, still doing what God asked and leaving, but not really trusting. Instead he chose to trust. We see this trust again when he and Sarah are told they will have a son at a mighty age (Genesis 18v10). I would imagine that the aged couple would call on God many more times during their first foray into parenthood together!

Job needed God in the lowest point of his life, when everything was taken from him. See – well, the whole book of Job really! He was challenging God during this time when he wanted to know why he had been dealt such a harsh blow, but he didn’t give up on his rhetoric with God, he didn’t start to rely on his own strength to see himself through his hardship. Job 1v21 shows us his incredible response to the initial loss he endured.

Public response?

Ask Joe Bloggs out on the street if he has ever spoken to God. I would think, if people admitted it, it would only be at a point of desperation in their life – a loved one was in mortal danger, their house was at risk after unemployment, the fear of those in charge of the country allowing war to happen. People bargain with God that if he allows X or Y to happen, they promise they’ll start going to church. They promise they’ll stop smoking if they get the job interview they want. Times of need are not the only times God wants to hear from us though!

Moses and the Israelites had so much joy to thank God with in Exodus 15. They had been saved from both the Egyptians and the waters of the Red Sea and they turned to God in song.

On a more basic level, one of the 10 lepers Jesus healed turned back on his way and praised God (Luke 17v15) We teach our children simple manners such as please and thank you – why is it so easy to forget to thank God when things work out for us?

Future focus

It’s sad that we forget that God is there for us through ALL our trials and tribulation, joys and celebration. We can come to him with out hearts in pieces and he will heal, we can fall on him when broken and he will make us new. We can try and hide, but he relentlessly pursues us , wanting to cover us and take our failings away. He is the God of ALL our days.

(Inspired by the song ‘God of all my days’ by Casting Crowns – look them up and have a listen!)

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